Wednesday, March 9, 2011

30 for 30: day 24

Almost finished! I have all my outfits planned out until this is over, so we're good to go. Just gonna stroll right past the finish line here. Mom's sick of me wearing the same things again and again.



As you can see, I am still on a photo editing kick over here. This attempt was less successful. I like the feature, but I don't think it is suited for outfit pictures. That's why I stopped using it after two pictures. Sorry for the inconsistency.

This outfit looked better in my head. Don't get me wrong, I was comfy and content all day, but I think I underestimated how see-through this shirt really is, and the short sleeved striped shirt looks funny peeking through on the arms. I was trying to copy this look:

Maybe their Madewell shirt isn't sheer like mine. Oh well.



[30 items: gray sweatshirt tee, black and white striped tee, skinny jeans, black desert boots/necklace - American Eagle/watch - Guess]

Today I've been really stressed out about work and a job and what I want to do with my life. I decided to take the GRE's and look into grad school. I have some ideas of what I want to go to school for, but I want to shop around. I think maybe I might want to look into going to school someplace other than New England too. Maybe California. Or someplace warm, anyway. I'll have to run it by Boyfriend, since he'll (hopefully!) be Husband by the time I'd finish grad school. Anyway, I figure I'll take small steps - get the GRE's out of the way and start applying to different jobs.

I already have been applying to different jobs but nothing has come through yet. It's tough out there. But my job gives me anxiety day in and day out. Not even because the job itself is high stress (it shouldn't be) but because I feel like I get no support or help. Every day I just wait to see who's going to throw me under the bus that day, or criticize the way I do things. No thank you.


I'm also switching banks. I've had enough crap from mine. Bank of America used to let you sign up online and now they don't. Such a bummer, I have to haul myself all the way to a branch now before they close. Sigh, turds. Okay, enough whining from me for today! I am going to curl up with my new Lucky magazine (with Zoe Deschanel on the cover! Love!).


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