Monday, April 4, 2011

engineer boots, leather jackets and tight blue jeans





I'm not feeling super wordy today so I'll keep it short. How was everyone's weekend? Mine was lovely and relaxing. The weather wasn't super warm, but it was sunny which was nice. Now it's rain, rain, rain all week long in the forecast. Those April showers apparently are not kidding around this year.

[Jacket - Forever 21 (similar)/Shirt - H&M/Jeans - Gap/Boots - Marshall's/Ring - H&M]



This was just a simple, rock and roll type of outfit. It felt very old-school me. I tend to either be sort of tomboy-girly - short, flirty dresses and skirts, flowy tops - or a little bit rock and roll - lots of black, leather, studs and silver. Luckily for me, the two styles play nice together and I can mix and match whenever I please. I plan on wearing this jacket over lots of girly dresses and skirts this spring. If spring ever arrives, that is.

Picnik collage3

Time to go tie on the sneakers and get in my gym clothes, this past week/weekend was full of way too many indulgences!


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