Wednesday, April 6, 2011

fly away home



This is actually the outfit I wore today. That so rarely happens! I may have skipped over another outfit in order to post this on the day I wore it, but pretend I didn't tell you that.

The fact that I had to put on tights today was deeply depressing. I can't wait until the weather is warm enough that I can bare my legs again.



My brother is gone until Monday, so it looks like a lot of time spent with my tripod until he gets back. I don't mind tripod pictures - I actually feel more comfortable taking pictures of myself by myself - but I usually get too lazy to lug the tripod anywhere outside where people may see it, hence the indoor pictures today.

Speaking of my brother going away...My mom was packing his suitcase for him (yes, he's 23 years old and my mother still packs his suitcase) and planning his outfits, since he needs to look nice for some of the things he's doing on his trip. I made the mistake of asking her what he planned on putting on his feet, since he only owns two mangy pairs of shoes (I know, horrifying. Between my mother and I we have practically enough shoes to rival Imelda Marcos). Long story short, the three of us - Mom, Brother and me - ended up going shopping for shoes for him. He claimed he couldn't go alone because mom would just criticize his shoe choices, and I went along to witness the debacle this was sure to be.

A half hour later my brother had three new pairs of shoes. All of which were picked out by my mother and I. So maybe he was right about not being allowed to dress himself.

[Cardigan - BP, Nordstrom Rack/Shirt - Madewell (similar)/Skirt - H&M/Shoes - Forever 21/Belt - H&M]


Speaking of shoes...I love the ones I was wearing today. I was too late to jump on the Jeffrey Campbell Splendid bandwagon, so these are the Forever 21 version. Only problem? They run slightly big and they feel like they are going to decapitate my toes. It's super depressing. I have my eye on a similar pair that I might buy, since I don't think these Forever 21 ones come in a smaller size. I can't find them online anymore either and I haven't seen them in my store again.

Picnik collage

I am so in love with this belt. I got it for my birthday last month, forgot about it, then got really excited when I saw it peeking out from the nest of belts I have. I plan on wearing it a lot more now that I remembered it. I have a soft spot for sparrows (or whatever these birds are. Swallows?). One of my tattoos (the first one I ever got) looks very similar to these guys. Also noticing that it appears I wore it upside down. Whoopsie poops.


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