Monday, April 25, 2011

portland, maine: part 2

This is the outfit post portion of the Portland trip. I have so many pictures to catch up on! I should be able to get back into my posting groove this week. I also hope to have another Things My Boyfriend Does up later this week as well. Remember those?

[Sweatshirt: J.Crew/Necklace - Target/Jeans - Forever 21/Shoes - Aldo/Bracelets - Tiffany, J.Crew, gifts from mom]


This is what I wore during the day to walk around and hang out. I like the casual outfit with the sparkly accessories. My favorite thing is to mix casual pieces with more glamorous ones. Why save your good stuff for special occasions? Every day is a special occasion! I got these jeans at Forever 21 for $9.50. Nine dollars and fifty cents! And they're my favorite jeans right now. They're super comfortable and the perfect length. Can't beat that!




Can you tell how cold and windy it was? The wind was freezing! We'd been walking around for awhile by the time we took these, which is why my face is so pink. It was a very raw and blustery day. That's been the norm for weather lately. It makes it hard to do anything outside, even though I'm craving outdoor time!

[Blazer - The Limited (similar), from mom/Jewelry - Fossil watch (similar),  Express bangles, H&M rings/Clutch - Target/T-Shirt - Old Navy]
Picnik collage

I didn't get many pictures of what I changed into for dinner because it was dark out. But I really loved this look. I think I'll probably repeat this or versions of it a lot from now on. It's a good go-to night out look. Holy moly, I just checked looked at that blazer and they are expensive. I checked with mom, who gave it to me since it didn't fit her right anymore, and she says she thinks they were on sale and she had a coupon. Because I couldn't imagine her spending that much on a blazer. Well. I guess I could. ;)

We had a great weekend and we're already coming up with new adventures to take this summer!


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