Friday, April 1, 2011

the owls are not what they seem

It snowed today. No, this is not an April Fools. This was just super unfortunate and depressing and not funny at all. I busted out the layers for what is hopefully the last time. I need a tan! I look all sad and seasonal affective disorder-y.



I'm so glad this week is finally over. It went by quickly, but for some reason I was just not feeling it. Happily it is the weekend now and I plan on maxin' and relaxin'. I think tomorrow I am going to try to make some homemade bread. I've never made bread before. Yeast frightens me. On Sunday I plan on making cranberry scones and working on some sewing projects. Super exciting right? I'm pretty sure the average 75 year old has the same weekend plans as me.



Actually, tomorrow I am going with my BFF when she gets her next tattoo. So take THAT Grannies! Then we're having a movie night because we are planning a trip to Savannah in May and mom says we need to watch Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil first. I've never seen it, but John Cusack and Jude Law are in it, so it's A-OK in my book.


[Cardigan - Old Navy/Shirt - H&M/Shorts - H&M/Boots - Hunter]

I"m pretty excited to go to Savannah. I've just always wanted to go there. I am already plotting all my Southern Belle outfits. Plus, the hotel I think we're going to stay at is advertised as being only fifty steps away from Paula Deen's restaurant! Just fifty steps from sticks and sticks of butter! Heaven.

Picnik collage2

So far tonight I've just been editing pictures and dancing around my room to Newsies and Biggie. With a lilttle Sweet Caroline thrown in there in honor of opening day! Can't wait to get me to some Sox games this year. Right now I have to go pry my brother away from his computer so we can go watch Twin Peaks, hence the title of this post. We're about halfway through season two, and it feels like the series should be over, so I guess we'll find out what the heck else happens on this show. We like to pretend we're in the 90s when we watch it. That involves saying "Oh no talking on cell phones!" whenever a cell phone rings. It also involves him saying "Hey what is that guy from?" and me saying "We'll never know! IMDB doesn't exist yet!" We think it's funny.


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