Thursday, May 5, 2011

backyard sun

[Sweater - gifted, vintage?/Jeans - Urban Outfitters/Shoes - Unlisted/Sunglasses - Betsy Johnson/Clutch - Aldo outlet/Watch - Fossil]



I really love these high waist jeans. I wish they were just a tiny bit shorter so they would hang a bit nicer, but I am also too lazy to hem them. Such is life. I actually have a ton of hemming/sewing that I have been meaning to do for way, way to long now. I really need to focus and get it done this weekend. It's *surprise!* supposed to be rainy again, so that will be perfect for holing up with my mending basket and some good tunes.




Sunday is Mother's Day. What is everyone doing with their moms? My mom and I were trying to think of something fun to do but we're coming up blank. I'm sure we'll figure it out. I just wish the weather would finally warm up so we can do more outdoor things!

Oh well, I'll be in Savannah soon enough! 24 more days! Is it too soon to start packing? I always get so excited for trips that I start packing way in advance. Can't hurt, right? I haven't even begun to think about this trip yet, which is so unlike me. I'll have to get my packing list started!

Picnik collage


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