Wednesday, May 18, 2011

it's a plaid world

[Sweater - Michael Kors via TJMaxx/Jeans - Old Navy/Scarf - H&M/Bag - Linea Pelle for Target/Boots - Seychelles]



I have a question. I want to add another column to my blog, but when I do that it makes all my pictures get all wonky and causes them to overlap the sidebars. Is there a way to change all my old pictures so they fit in the middle section? One that doesn't involve me manually fixing them all?

Anyway, life moves on, same as usual. Weather is still crappy. Mia (my dog) is in a deep depression since she hates rain and hasn't been outside to play in days. Boyfriend and I went to look at an apartment yesterday, which would have been perfect if only it was bigger. The price was right - $1000/mo all utilities included! But it was way too small. We're not really looking for a place right now, but since it was such a good deal we figured it couldn't hurt to look.

Well, I figured. He didn't want to go, but ended up getting all jolly about it once we got there. I think when the landlord said "you can keep your motorcycle in the garage" he was ready to pack up and move in right then.



I also had a pre-interview job phone call screening thing today. I applied for the position on a whim and they actually got back to me! That never happens. The commute wouldn't be very fun and the company actually got pretty bad employee reviews on, but I figured the interview experience would be good to have. 

The lady was so nice on the phone, I feel bad about not wanting it. I didn't say I didn't want it, I still need to be passed along to the hiring manager for a decision, but I'm not going to take it. The pay is a bit better, but from the reviews it sounds like the same kind of workplace I am in now, which is not what I am looking for. Just gotta keep hunting!

Picnik collage

Think sun!!


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