Sunday, May 15, 2011


There is no joy in Mudville. Everything is rain and damp and gray. It's pretty depressing around here.




I know I've been MIA lately. Honestly, I've just been so lazy because of the weather. I also haven't been wearing anything very exciting. And then Blogger was apparently down for a few days last week. Excuses, excuses. I've just been lazy, okay!?



I snapped these early last week on a day when it was gray, but not raining. It's supposed to rain for the next ten days straight here. TEN DAYS. I want to cry. And pack my bags and move away. I always want to pack my bags and move away, though. I feel like I am always craving a new start. I just want to pick up and move someplace warmer. Find a new job. Be a new person. Is this a bad thing? Does anyone else ever feel like this? I wonder if it's something I should pay more attention to. Maybe I should just pick up and move away, while I'm young enough to get away with it. Hmm. Thoughts.

Picnik collage

Anyway, I hope the weather has been nicer where you all live!


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