Sunday, May 22, 2011

weekend update: may 14, 2011

These pictures are actually from last weekend and I am just now getting around to posting them. This is why I don't put myself on any kind of blog schedule - there is just no way I could ever stick to one.

Last Saturday Boyfriend and I headed into Cambridge to walk around Harvard Square and check out the Harvard Museum of Natural History. Groupon or LivingSocial or one of those coupon website had a two for one deal for the museum, and we thought it might be something interesting to do. Plus everyone knows the Urban Outfitters sale section in Harvard Square is the best. ;)


Picnik collage

We walked around Harvard Square for a bit first, stopping in American Apparel so I could buy one of those floppy clutches everyone has now. I have a DIY project planned for it that I am very excited about. Then we Yelp-ed someplace to have lunch. We ended up at Russell House Tavern, which was serving brunch. Boyfriend was in the mood for breakfast, I was in the mood for lunch, so this worked out perfectly.

He had an egg sandwich with home fries and I had a grilled cheese with green salad and french fries. They were both delicious and we will definitely be going back there. They also had a ton of great beer choices and some really tasty and unusual sounding mixed drinks. I think we both would have been content staying there the whole day eating and drinking, but we did peel ourselves from the barstools to continue on our way.

Picnik collage2

Our next stop was Sweet for some cupcakes. I had a chocolate covered pretzel flavored one, since those are my weakness, and Boyfriend had a Bruins themed one (not pictured). They even had "Pupcakes" so we brought one home for Mia! She actually enjoyed it, considering what a picky eater she is.

Picnik collage3



We cut through a bit of the Harvard campus on our way to the museum. It's such a pretty place. The students were all moving out of their dorms on this particular day. It made me both miss and not miss college all at the same time, ha.

Picnik collage4

Picnik collage5


My favorite part of the museum was the geology stuff. Boyfriend actually was a geology major so I think he enjoyed showing off his expertise. I just liked all the colors and sparkles. They were all in glass cases, so the pictures didn't come out great. That pink and brown one is called Bieberite...we thought that was funny.

They also had tons of fossils and stuffed creatures and the like. The giant whale skeletons were cool, and Boyfriend enjoyed the evolution exhibit, ha.




It was a nice day all in all. It's always nice to do something different every once in awhile. We spend so much time laying around the house, we're trying to make more of an effort to think of things to do. Of course, the weather hasn't been helping in the least! Jamie and I are taking off to Savannah for Memorial Day weekend, so I at least have a little sunshine to look forward to!


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