Sunday, January 22, 2012

Healthy Sundays: Reconfiguring

Panera is diet friendly: the calorie information is right on the sign!

 I just finished week three of my healthy eating/diet/Weight Watchers. So far, I've lost three pounds. Not as much as I was aiming for, but not too bad either. I was hoping for two pounds a week weight loss, and the first week I hit that goal. I think it was probably because I had been eating a ton over the holidays and once I went back to eating better that first week those two pounds came off pretty easily. Since then, I've lost a half a pound a week for the last two weeks. Not ideal. It's time to reconfigure.

Weight Watchers now allows you to decide how many points you are allowed each week. They give you a suggested target, but if you feel like you aren't losing fast enough or you're losing too much weight you can adjust it. When I first started Weight Watchers I was allowed 29 points a day (plus the 49 weekly bonus points). When they re-vamped their program a few months ago they suggested I cut back to 26 points a day. That seemed terrifying, so I stuck with the 29 points but ultimately aimed for 26 to 29 points a day. This was hard, since if I saw I had points left over in a day I wanted to use them.

Since I haven't been seeing the results I was hoping for, I decided to dial it back to 28 points a day (the 49 weekly points stay the same). It's just one point less, but I'm hoping it will make at least a small difference. My plan is to gradually work my way down to 26 points a day.

I also looked back at that first week to see what I was doing differently. Turns out, I was eating a ton of soup. So today I went out and got ingredients to make some Escarole Soup (or Italian Wedding Soup. I use a family recipe but this one is similar.). Now I have that on hand for the rest of the week, making meal planning a lot easier. I've also decided to focus on cardio this week. I've been keeping up with my yoga classes, but I think I need to mix in some treadmill sessions to see results. Wish me luck!


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