Tuesday, January 3, 2012



I had an outfit post lined up for today, but I just sat down to dig through my comments that I have been sorely neglecting and decided it would be better to get some beginning of the year housekeeping done instead.

*New header! I liked my old header (I worked super hard on that, my first Photoshop project ever!) but it wasn't as clean looking as I would have liked. I decided I wanted to keep things simple for the new year. I'll probably putz around with it a bunch since I like to mix it up, but for now I'm staying simple.

*New layout! I've been wanting to make the switch to the three column style for awhile but didn't want to jumble up all my old posts and whatnot. Finally I just took the plunge. So my old posts are a big mess, but moving forward everything should be hunky dory. If anyone knows how to remedy those old photos without doing each one individually, I'd much appreciate it!

*IntenseDebate! This has actually been on here for awhile, but I don't think I ever formally announced it. I scrapped the standard Blogger commenting system in favor of IntenseDebate. I like being able to reply directly to comments. So if you leave me a comment, make sure to subscribe to replies, because I try to reply to each comment. Especially if you've asked a question or said something particularly witty, thoughtful, or all around nice. I'll also still drop by your blog, so keep an eye out for comments from me, too!

*Other things! I'll probably make a few more changes over the next few weeks, so if there's anything that bugs you or you'd like to see on here, let me know!


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