Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Review: Hana Air Hairdryer

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Today I have something a bit different than usual. The lovely folks at Misikko.com asked if I would like to review a blow dryer for them on the blog, and of course I agreed! I'm a hair tool and product junkie, so I'm always up for tying something new.

That being said, this blow dryer had a lot to live up to, because I am pretty much in love with my current dryer. They sent me the HANAair Professional Hair Dryer to test and review.

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It comes with a concentrator nozzle, but not a diffuser which I was a little bummed about. I don't use the diffuser often, but it's nice to have if I'm in the mood for a curly hair day. The HANAair isn't super heavy, but I wouldn't call it lightweight, either. It had two heat settings and two speed settings, as well as a cool shot button. The hottest heat setting wasn't nearly as hot as it was on my old hair dryer, but I suppose that's better for my hair anyway.

The HANAair is also louder than my other dryer, but after a few days of use I stopped noticing the noise. It's definitely not the noisiest dryer I've ever used, but it's not the quietest either. But this baby has power. It honestly dried my hair in nearly half the time of my old hair dryer, and left it shiny and bouncy, too. It makes getting ready in the morning so much faster since I don't spend nearly as much time on my hair.

Another random thing I love about this dryer is the cord. It's round and very flexible, unlike the typical unwieldy cords that are on most dryers. It makes storing it super easy, since the cord will just squish right up to fit easily in a drawer or cabinet.

Verdict: It's a Keeper

I love this hair dryer now. I don't think I could live without it. Misikko.com is also a great hair supply store. They have tons of options for flat irons and curling irons as well. Definitely check the site out if you're in the market for a new, high-end styling tool. They seriously make all the difference and are worth the money you'll spend on them!

*NOTE: The hair dryer was provided to me by Misikko.com but all comments and opinions are entirely my own and were not influenced by the company in any way.


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