Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentine's Trip 2012: Part I

I wasn't expecting much for Valentine's Day this year. We don't usually do anything spectacular for it and we never celebrate on the actual day of. It's not that big a deal to me, as long as we say "Happy Valentine's Day" I'm a happy camper.

I especially wasn't expecting anything this year since Boyfriend had booked a snowboarding trip for Valentine's Day. I don't snowboard. This trip did not include me. He apparently had to pick a date at the time of purchase so he picked Valentine's Day figuring he'd definitely remember to change that. Well, the snow never came this year and prices for the trip went up, so he was stuck with last Tuesday. To top it all off, the friend that was supposed to go with him bailed at the last minute. So there was poor Boyfriend, going all the way to some back corner of Maine all by his lonesome.

 [so lonesome!]

When he called me Tuesday morning to say happy Valentine's Day I figured he was already on the road to Sugarloaf. Not so! He wanted to take me to lunch! What a treat! So lunch time rolled around at I met him at the pub down the street from my work for burgers and roses (the boy bought me roses!). He said he was leaving after lunch to head up to Maine. By his lonesome.

"Well," I pondered, "If only you could wait until I got out of work, I'd just go with you and take tomorrow off."

"But what would you do?"

"I'd read a book! ALL DAY. Oh my God, what a treat!"

So after some hemming and hawing and pondering, I decided to scoot out of work a little early and take the next day off. I am a rebel.  And also a good girlfriend. I went home after work, threw everything even remotely winter appropriate into my bag and we were off!

I seriously love road trips with this boy. I have no idea why, but the thought of being in the car for hours on end with him makes me giddy. Probably because I have him trapped and I can talk and talk and he has to pretend to listen.

Anyway, that's when he mentioned check out was at 11am the next day, so I couldn't read in the room all day like I had envisioned.

"It's okay, they'll have a lodge!" Well that sounded nice. I envisioned the lodge from when Boy Meets World went skiing. Cozy! We finally get to Sugarloaf, and can't find our room. I can't tell you how long we wandered. It took two different buildings to check in, and then roaming a third building before we finally figured it out. Already I was displeased. But then we found it, and Teen Mom was on, and I was in my jammies, and life was good.

[i don't want anything to do with this]
The next morning Boyfriend got all bundled up and hurried up the mountain while my game plan was to find the coffee shop, meet Boyfriend for lunch, then maybe think about snowshoeing. Well. That didn't turn out to be as easy and lovely as I'd hoped.


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