Wednesday, September 8, 2010

here in your bedroom

At the end of this month Boyfriend and I will be leaving our too small, waste of money apartment behind and moving back home with our families. Some may see this as an epic fail. I see it as an amazing win. I already have my checking account set up to auto-deposit like half my paycheck into my savings every time I get paid. I will be able to double my savings in six months. WIN.

Anyway, this means fitting an abundance of things back into my teeny tiny house. Once I left last fall, Mom and Brother immediately spread their stuff into all the space I used to occupy. Needless to say, they are less than thrilled to be relinquishing this space. I am less than thrilled to be relinquishing my walk-in closet. I am also coming back with a queen sized bed that will take up 90% of my bedroom. Since I only have a month left to figure this out, I've been racking my brain trying to come up with space-utilizing items so I won't have to live in a cluttered pit. I turn to you, Ikea.

First, I need a bed frame for my glorious Bob-o-Pedic (for those of you not from New England, this is a knock-off Tempurpedic bed that is purchased at Bob's Discount Furniture. CLASSY.) I'm kind of leaning towards this one:

Or maybe this one:
 Of course, there's always just a headboard:
BRIMNES Headboard with Storage
 Next I'll need some kind of extremely small desk situation. I have my beloved iMac to think of, and I got rid of my desk when we moved and I have been using Boyfriend's. I'll never be able to fit a normal sized desk in my room once the huge bed is in. I think this is all I will be able to shove in a corner:
Once the furniture situation is all squared away, I'm thinking I'll need some kind of organization supplies. I have a few under bed boxes that will be put to good use, but I'm thinking I'll need some bins or boxes to keep things in so little things aren't left lying around.

Since my shoes won't all fit in my closet, I think I'll try to squeeze in a shoe rack to display my best pairs.
Chrome Shoe Rack from Target
I've been meaning to get drawer organizers for socks and whatnot for a long time, so now I think I will. I'm still at a loss about where I will keep all my purses. I have a lot and they are happily being housed on the shelf in my closet at the apartment. The only shelf in my closet at home is wayyyy up high and dark and bugs may live there. Unacceptable, clearly, for my beloved bags.

How do you guys keep your spaces organized? Any tips or tricks? Where do you keep YOUR purse collection?


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