Friday, September 24, 2010

inundation of videos

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I Trailer (squee!)

It's no secret I love me some Harry Potter. Did I mention I will be visiting Harry Potter World in Orlando the day this movie premieres? Because I will be. Beyond excited. It's going to be MAYJOR (or that's what Rachel Zoe would think if she was into Harry Potter. Who knows, maybe she is.)

Weezer feat. Jorge Garcia - "Perfect Situation"

This made my afternoon. Weezer's new album is called "Hurley" and has a picture of him on the cover. I've heard a couple songs of the album though, and I do not care for them, but this is a really good old school Weezer song, plus it's Hurley. Come on! Awesome stuff.Just found out they're doing a tour of just songs from Pinkerton and the Blue Album. Um, sign me up please. I'll be there.

Trailer for "Gnomeo & Juliet"

I imagine how the creator of this movie must have felt the night before he was supposed to pitch this idea:  "Oh God, I haven't come up with anything! The boss is going to be so pissed!" *sees Travelocity commercial* "Lawn gnomes! Lawn gnomes are adorable! They're underrepresented in entertainment! What can I do with lawn gnomes...gnomes...'Hangin' with my Gnomies?...No...Gnomeo...hmmm, Gnomeo...I've got it, Gnomeo & Juliet!" I mean, he must have walked into that meeting expecting to be fired, right?

I told you there would be an inundation with videos. Sadly, this is probably all you will hear of me this weekend. I will be moving, which we all know is time consuming and exhausting. I will try to be back to normal posts come Monday, but it depends on how things go. Meanwhile, expect some minor changes to this blog's appearance over the weekend. Stay tuned!


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