Thursday, September 30, 2010

movin' on out

I'm mobile blogging today (thank you iPhone!) since my camera is still all packed up somewhere! I don't remember moving in being this awful, but we also weren't under a time crunch. All I can say is next time I move I'll be way more organized and hopefully moving someplace more permanent (I want a condo!). But for now you'll have to make due with some iPhone pictures:

Just hanging out on the couch Mom was getting rid of. With my favorite blue scarf! And I look possessed because the flash on my phone really isn't so great.

My FAVORITE lunch: caprese salad,

Mexican dinner at the Border on a sunny fall evening = perfection.

Boyfriend had some chicken thing with LOTS of cheese (and yummy cornbread!).

I had fajitas, delicious!

Peek-a-boo puppy!

Poutine from All Star Sandwich Bar. I die. Sooo good!!

And probably the best turkey club I've ever had, also from All
Star. It's pretty much the best sandwich place evah.


After! I kind of love my new Ikea desk that I assembled all by myself!

I promise I'll be back to my regular posting this weekend! I have a small backlog of posts! Now back to packing, unpacking, and cleaning - ugh!


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