Monday, September 20, 2010

random inspiration + fall wishlish

So I've made it past the two week mark for No Shop September and we're cruising through to week three. I can't believe how fast this month is flying by. It's been so jam packed I honestly haven't had time to shop. Well I mean, I have had time to browse online and daydream about everything I plan on buying come October. The good thing about this shopping hiatus is that I have really taken the time to think about every item I see that I like and would otherwise have just impulsively bought. I'm sure we've all heard the old "make sure you can think of at least three outfits it goes with before you buy it" rule of shopping thumb, but how often have we really followed it? I've been more conscious of that rule when I've seen something I like these past few weeks, and I can safely say the following items will go with much more than three items in my closet, so they're on the top of my list for October:

1. Calvin Klein Carly Heel - $98: I have been forever searching for a pair of perfect black pumps. I think these might fit the bill. I tried on this season's version (the Scarlet) and they fit like a dream and were sooo comfy. So I'll either save a few dollars and get these, or splurge for this season's version. I figure you gotta have a comfy black pump, right?

2. Archie Grand Notebook via J.Crew - $10: An adorable notebook perfect for writing down blog ideas or notes on short stories! For ten bucks this is a must.

3. Vince Camuto Canasta Heel - $129: I LOVE these shoes! They're pricey, but I think if I save my money they'll be worth it. They'd go with so much all through fall and winter, and even next spring. Plus they have a nice, sturdy looking heel which I love. 

4. Old Navy Tweed Skirt - $26.50: The price is right on this on-trend skirt. Easily dressed up or down, this will go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. I can't wait to wear it with colored tights, ankle boots, and a cozy sweater.

5. American Eagle Boyfriend Tank - $15.50: American Eagle makes my favorite basic tanks. They're fitted with just the right amount of stretch. Plus they're nice and long and never change shape in the wash. I'm thinking I need a navy one and the plum colored one, perfect for layering up for fall.

6. Gap City Flats - $39.50: I have a Groupon for the Gap (spend $50 get 50% off!) so I'm thinking I'll either get these comfy looking ballet flats...

7. Gap Perfect Boot Jeans - $69.50: ...or these jeans. All my jeans are starting to be just a touch too big! A few more pounds and it will be time to start replacing. Gap's jeans have been my favorite for awhile now, so they're my go-to when I need my butt to look good! ;]

There's also so much awesome inspiration for fall floating around on the internet right now. Perhaps the most exciting feature I've come across is Forever 21 and their blogger feature! They picked five awesome bloggers and had them each pick some of their favorite Forever 21 looks. They made some amazing choices, and they're all affordable! I'm partial to the looks chosen by Louise and Kelly Which one do you like the best?

I'm also loving Piperlime's recent campaigns. I like that they are encouraging people to stop thinking "comfortable" is only synonymous with "sweatpants" and "sneakers." A great pair of jeans and flats is just as comfortable but you'll look so much more put together and feel so much more put together. Plus, getting dressed is fun!

What's on your fall wishlist? Are you stocking up on basics or going for the big trends?


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