Wednesday, September 22, 2010

stylish sole

This is what I wore on Monday. I really like the tank and I forgot I had it. I'm trying to incorporate as many summer-ish items into my fall wardrobe as possible. No Shop September has really helped me to see how much potential my closet truly has. It's been really fun mixing and matching things.

At first I wasn't sure if I liked this sweater with the tank, since it doesn't really match, but once I had it all on together I really liked it. Sometimes you just have to take some chances and see what happens. I love when an outfit just comes together like that!

The flash on my brother's camera (he was kind enough to play photographer again!) is kind of diesel and was really washing me out. I think the exposure was set a bit high, but he denied, denied, denied. Ah well. I did my best to make them look darker, but it didn't really help. I think I might have made them worse. :/

cardigan - target/tank - nordstrom/belt - old navy/jeans - american eagle/wedges - nine west via piperlime

This is actually the outfit I'm using in the Nine West/Chictopia Stylish Sole contest, so please head over there and comment/friend me/give me some chic votes (or all of the above)! :)


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