Tuesday, September 21, 2010

please tell me you're just feeling tired

So this isn't exactly the outfit post I had planned for today. I had the outfit you are about to see on reserve in case I ever needed a back up, because I don't particularly like the way the pictures turned out. Turns out I needed the backup sooner than I thought! Tomorrow should have better pictures.

I do really like this outfit. I love that skirt and I am obsessed with that green cardigan. I'm really into army green right now, probably because it is everywhere and pretty much goes with everything. Expect to see a lot of the sweater. My necklace broke that afternoon and I forgot to fix it before I took pictures, oops! The long chain should have a leaf charm hanging off it. Imagine it's there!

There, with my amazing photo editing skillz I added the leaf for you crazy kids. I wore my oxfords again with this outfit. I like them a lot with skirts. I can't wait to pair them with lots of tights once the weather gets cooler too. Right now I am clutching on to summer with all my might. Or at least I'm trying to use a lot of my summer things to transition into fall.

sweater - H&M / skirt - forever 21 / belt - from mom / 'leaf' necklace - aldo / oxfords - aldo

I'm sorry these are so crooked. I've still be propping my camera up on a table and a garden hose nozzle. Very technical. Tripod is definitely on my list of things to buy once I have some money.

Well I'm off for now. There's a grilled cheese and October Instyle with my name on them! Better outfit post should be all set for tomorrow, and perhaps a short story for Thursday?


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