Monday, September 13, 2010

i want my money! (and some diet news)

I feel like a lot of my blog posts lately have had the word "money" in them or money-related words. Can you tell what's been on my mind? I just finally mostly won an epic battle with my bank. I won't get into the details here, but suffice it to say I am VERY unhappy with their service and I will be switching banks this week.
These pictures are from Friday, when the Epic Bank Battle of 2010 started. I went to my mom's looking for someone to hear my sob story and my brother was the only one home. Happily he agreed to take pictures of me for once. Maybe he felt bad for me?
[jacket - forever21/shirt - LOFT/jeans - forever21/oxfords - aldo]
The outfit isn't anything too exciting, but it was my first time wearing my new oxfords so I wanted to document it. I bought them months ago on sale, but I've been waiting for fall to wear them. I feel like they're a little pointier than I normally go for, but I really like the look of oxfords so I'm going to incoporate them into my wardrobe more. My mom calls them my "orthopedic granny shoes." She has a point, but I still like them. I call them "my fancy Keds." I love my Keds and these are basically the same thing.

In other news, I can safely say I have lost ten pounds. I verfied with my Wii Fit (which is how I weigh myself) and I went back to the fattest I ever was and now I am ten pounds less than that and I have been hanging out at this weight for long enough now that I feel confident saying those ten pounds are GONE.

It's taken me awhile, at least what feel like awhile. I started dieting/changing my lifestyle in May and its' September. I think I just always want weight loss to happen super-fast which is why I get so easily discouraged. It's HARD. You feel like you've done so good only to weigh in and find you're the same as last week or you've even gained. I seem to be at a super frustrating plateau right now and I can't seem to push the weight loss past it. Slow and steady I suppose. Anyone have any tips for getting past a weight-loss sticky spot?

I mean, I've lost ten pounds and I feel like I look basically the same. My clothes still mostly fit. Ten pounds just sounds like so much, but then it's really not. I still have about 15-18 more pounds to go before I feel like I will be totally satisfied. Alright, enough about my weight, I hate when people go on about things like this and here I am!

I'm off to curl up with a book before watching last night's True Blood finale with my bestie!


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