Wednesday, September 15, 2010

you're the apple of my eye

Okay, before I get going on this post I am sending out a call for help. I am trying (and failing) at making a link bar for this blog (see my failed attempt above this post). If someone could point me in the direction of a tutorial or even walk me through the process that would be super rad. I'm just at a loss with these things.

Moving on!

This past Sunday I went apple picking with my family. I haven't been apple picking in years, so I was kind of interested to go since it is such a quintessential fall activity. I was exhausted from hiking the day before, but I figured how bad could apple picking be? Well, I'm sure NORMALLY it's not too bad, but of course my family has to pick the one apple orchard on a mountainside. My legs are killing me and now you want me to haul myself up a steep hill to pick bug infested apples? I don't even know how to make pie!

Of course, because the whole fam was there, there was a lot of squawking, and shouting, and confusion. A bee landed on my mom and my aunt made me take a picture because she thought it was hilarious while mother screamed and whimpered like a toddler. Just a typical scene.

The farm the orchard was on had a store where you could buy all kinds of goodies, including the delightful apple cider doughnut. They also had a large selection of goods from Stonewall Kitchen, which always look so yummy, so I bought a box of cornbread mix. I love me some cornbread, so hopefully this is good stuff. The line for the doughnuts was outrageous, so we sent Grammy to wait in line while we goofed off in the corn field and did our own shopping. I am being a scarecrow in the second picture.

Everyone was pretty bummed that there were no blueberries left. I thought blueberry season was earlier in the summer, but they claimed they picked blueberries when they picked their apples last year, so what do I know? Maybe  it just wasn't a good year for blueberries. Boyfriend was bummed though, you know how he loves his "berrys."

I had mom snap a few outfit pictures, since this is pretty much a me outfit. This is what I spend most weekends in. Jeans, comfy and cute shoes, and a tee and cardigan. I love me a clever and cute graphic tee, and this one fits the bill. It's the cover art from one of my favorite books - The Catcher in the Rye.

coat (from first pic) - old navy/cardigan - nordstrom/tee - out of print via modcloth/jeans - ae/kicks - keds/headband - target/watch - fossil

Gotta have my usual shoe picture. You guys are going to see every pair of shoes in my closet before long. I like the contrast of the bright red shoe against the dried out dirt in this one.

What fall activities are your favorites?


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