Tuesday, September 21, 2010

please excuse this interruption to your regularly scheduled program

Okay, this isn't today's real post, that will be up later. I hate doing multiple posts in one day, but this is like a mini-post. I just had to tell you guys that Marc Jacobs has gone e-commerce. Yes friends, you can now buy all the lovely handbags and adorable clothing you can't even imagine affording online.

In any case, the site is adorbs (keep your eye out for the cross-dresser) and you CAN buy all the specialty items, like the Latin phrase rings and wrist bands I so adore. And maybe I will finally buy Boyfriend that "Hooligan" t-shirt (it's only fair to warn people, right?). Someone hide my wallet.

I was going to take a screen shot, but my work computer is pre-historic and it literally told me it didn't have enough energy to save the image. So you'll have to click the link and check it out yourselves.


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