Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September 5, 2010

Okay guys, this is my first official outfit post, so be kind! I've decided I prefer taking pictures by myself rather than having someone do it for me. So these were taken using a make-shift tripod (Read: I propped the camera up on a table using the broom from a dustpan and broom set).

Sunday felt blissfully like fall. I am so ready for the season to change at this point. We had a great summer with awesome weather so I don't feel too bad about letting it go. It was still pretty warm, so the long sleeves rolled up were perfect for Sunday. I love this time of year because I can pair long sleeves with shorts, which is my favorite.
These shorts wrinkle up like crazy the second you sit down in them, it's obnoxious. I think I moved the beach chair for a few of the shots, but I kind of liked having it off to the side. Like an ode to the end of summer.
Denim shirt: American Eagle - Purple tank: Old Navy - Khaki shorts: Old Navy - Sunglasses: Ray Ban - Shoes: Minnetonka
Swatting away the spider web that I walked into. Nothing like wondering if there's a spider in your hair.
My beloved Minnetonka's. When I first bought them I worried they were kind of weird and people would look at me funny for wearing moccasins. I ended up loving them and wearing them with everything. They are the most comfortable shoes I own. I'm going to buy the short bootie version this fall, I think.

I hope everyone had a lovely Labor Day weekend! Mine was filled with nature walks, food, and getting some long overdue sewing done. Very relaxing. I have lots of posts I've been too busy to get up, so expect a few more this week!


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