Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I feel like I've been a picture taking machine this week and I am super behind on posting. Woopsies. Most of them are trapped on my brother's camera anyway. It's so weird - his is just a newer, fancier version of the Rebel but my computer totally rejects his camera.

Saturday Boyfriend and I had our first little date night of the new year. We drove into the North End and walked around and had dinner. It was so warm out on Saturday! It was in the mid-50s, it was nuts. I didn't even wear a coat most of the night, I was just bundled up in a sweater.

We found a place to eat out of the many, many choices there are in the North End. Thanks Yelp! Dinner was delish. It involved arancini, which I am completely obsessed with. To be honest, they weren't the super best I've ever had, but they were still yummo. Then we decided just to stroll around the neighborhood for a bit to work off dinner.

We ended our night with cannoli from Modern, obviously. I prefer Modern to Mike's, in case you're from Boston and know what I'm talking about and cared to know. There it is. Actually, I've just always gotten my cannoli from Modern. Maybe next time I'll try Mike's, just so I can be sure on this one. Maybe I'll get one cannoli from each place, just to be SUPER sure. Yeah... ;)

[cowl scarf - NY&Co./sweater - American Eagle/jeans - Gap/booties - Jeffrey Campbell/belt - Old Navy]

I wore my new super favoritist boots ever! I got them for Christmas from "Santa." They're like glorified hiking boots. That you could never hike in for realz. But I love them. I wish I got a better shot of them on this particular night, but alas. You'll see more of them, I promise.


Here's Boyfriend's shoes though! He was having camera issues. I call this his first foray into fashion blogging, hehe. Off to make a grocery list full of diet food and track down my brother so he can assist with this camera upload situation I got goin' on. Bye!


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