Friday, January 7, 2011

sweater weather

We made it. It's Friday! This was my first full week at work in what feels like a long time. I guess it has been a long time, what with holidays and everything. I actually didn't mind it, I felt very productive this week. Except for today, I kind of got burnt out. Nothing a nice relaxing weekend can't fix though!
Boyfriend and I just went out for some Chinese food and came home and watched Despicable Me. SO CUTE. I suspect Boyfriend slept through most of it. It stinks; he works overnights so when I do see him, he's always half asleep. That's the one big bummer about living apart - our schedules don't make it easy to spend time together.

So I LOVE the way these pictures came out. I wasn't even feeling this outfit particularly, but I decided to go outside in the freezing cold and snap some pictures anyway. I snatched my brother's camera and my tripod and stuck it in the snow and went to town. I had so much fun taking these. I don't know why. There was a snowbank I had to climb up and down in between shots. So it was basically
"Hit the timer! Run up snowy hill in heels! Pose fast!" But I was out there for so long my fingers were icicles. And I ended up liking the outfit better in pictures than I did IRL. That hardly EVER happens.

[sweater - H&M/dress - UO/tights - TJMaxx/booties - Marshall's/hat - F21]

So, on a completely unrelated to anything note...I really love all my coworkers in my department right now. Okay, maybe not all all of them, there are still a couple weirdos, but seriously, the majority of them are the shiz. You know when you meet people and you're like "These are my people. I like them"? That's how I feel about these girls. Yes, our entire department is girls. Except for the one boy. I feel bad for him. I also forget he's there 90% of the time too.

Anyway, we spent our entire half hour lunch break today discussing Twilight. Not "OMG TWILIGHHTT~~!!" discussing, but more like "When I read all four books in two days I thought they were so bad" and "Oh yeah, I saw New Moon in a theater and laughed the whole time." We all agreed in the addictiveness of the series, but also agreed that almost everything about it was horrible. As one of my coworkers put it "It's like binging on McDonald's french good, but so, so bad." Then we realized we spent a half hour talking about Twilight and felt ashamed. However, those books make me feel like I have potential to be published some day. If that stuff can get printed, then my stuff can too, dammit!

Well I'm off to watch more Dexter and spend the rest of my weekend snuggled up and snowed in. :)


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