Monday, January 3, 2011

happy new year, too

It's 2011 you guys! That means I'll be writing 2010 on everything for the next few months until that sinks in. What did you all do for New Years? Mine was pretty basic - the Bestie, the Boyfriend and I joined the rest of my family at my grandparents for a night of yummy food, board games, and rum. Hehe.

This is totally my kind of night. Spending time with my family, good snacks, and board games. I can't help it - I"m just not a party girl. I'm a homebody, and I am totally okay with that. Plus, my family is really a lot of fun. Ask anyone who has spent time with them. My friends actually enjoy hanging out with them because it's a guaranteed good time. Lots of laughing.

Those three are going to kill me for posting a picture of them. They should be thankful I didn't use one of the worse ones.  Sorry to mom,  Aunty Susan and Grammy!

Jamie brought a bottle of Black Seal rum for us to enjoy, and we definitely did. I'd never had it before but it was really good. Then we played Pictionary, which just so happens to be me and Jamie's favorite game. Because we are AWESOME at it. Seriously, they had to change the rules we're that good.

That's the look of triumph right there. Jamie and I have always played Pictionary where if your team guesses the clue, you go again. And you keep going until someone steals the play on an All Play or you lose the round. We've lapped all our other competitors around the game board before, hehe. We're really good. It's because we're biffs and on the same brain wave. ;)
Anyway, they made a rule that after three turns in a row you have to pass play on to the next team. Fair enough. But Jamie and I still won! We rule.

Poor Boyfriend had to go into work on New Years Eve. He works the overnight shift at his work and unfortunately they don't get the holiday off. He had been out all afternoon and only managed to grab a quick nap before joining us for festivities. What a trooper. I was really glad he was there to kiss at midnight though. ;)

Great night with great people - I felt so lucky to be able to ring in 2011 with my favorites!

Bonus shot of some random Grammy & Grampy memorabilia: Some sweet army men (British army men?) and the super creepy doll my grandmother has. Usually her little porcelain arms are pointing all creepily and her porcelain tongue actually flops around in her mouth. I don't know why. It's weird.  My grandparents used to live on Cape Cod. Imagine coming downstairs at night, in the dark, the moon shining into the living room through the skylight and illuminating that doll. And it's pointing at you. Yeah.

Even that little bear is trying to keep the doll away with it's little bell.

Anyway! Happy New Year everyone! Let's hope 2011 is a good one!


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