Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the picnic shirt

These pictures aren't the best, I apologize. I dragged my brother outside to snap them before it started snowing - again. It seems like all it does around here lately is snow. I'm sick of it. I'm somewhat concerned the weather is going to keep me from taking pictures as regularly as I want to for the 30 for 30.

[shirt - J.Crew/vest - Target/belt - Old Navy/jeans - Gap/boots - Oh Deer!]

Speaking of the 30 for 30, this shirt is one you'll be seeing a lot of since it's one of my 30. I call it my picnic shirt, for obvious reasons. Please do not try to eat off of my chest though. That would be super awkward for us both.

Not much to say today. Oh! My camera is back! I have it in my possession. I am going to scour Amazon for some books on digital photography. One of my goals this year is to learn more about photography. Any recommendations for good learning resources?

Going to eat some pizza, get ready for yoga, then hunker down for this snow.


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