Monday, January 10, 2011

blast from the past

I was going for kind of a retro-70s vibe with today's outfit. I'm not sure I exactly pulled it off, but I was comfortable and happy with the way this outfit turned out nonetheless.

It would have been really awesome if I realized that the auto focus was off on the camera before I took the pictures, rather than after, but what can you do? I'm kind of digging the added softness.

I thought it would be kind of cool to document the removing of the layers. That way you guys can see what it is I wear outside on these frigid days. Mittens, hat, coat and usually a scarf. I hate being cold! I'm a tropical temperature girl through and through. Unfortunately, I live in New England. And my hair loathes humidity.

[sweater - Old Navy/leopard belt - Express/jeans - Old Navy/wedges - JC/hat - F21/coat - Tommy Hilfiger/glittens - American Eagle]

These jeans are the closest I own to a high-waisted, 70s kind of flared jean. Actually, that's a lie. I have a pair of vintage Navy (as in the military branch, not the shade of dark blue) jeans courtesy of my uncle that are pretty much as authentic as it gets, but I'm saving those for a super cheesy summer post.

Anyway, now I feel like I need a pair of awesome high-waisted flared jeans that are super flattering. Because these ain't them. They fall kind of awkwardly and only look chic if I stand just so...which I wasn't doing in most of these pictures. My hunt is on. Anyone know where I can find a good pair on the semi-cheap?

How was everyone's weekend? My was fab-tacular. Saturday I had a delightful breakfast with my bestest friend Jamie. It was so delightful, we decided to make it a monthly occasion. It was definitely good to catch up and you know, eat breakfast. Most important meal of the day! Saturday also had a quick shopping trip that resulted in some pretty awesome finds (my budget commences Friday, with my first official paycheck of the new year...eep!).

Yesterday I had a nice lunch with the Boyfriend and his family, followed by some cards. They love gambling and playing cards in that family, and my family is all trivia people. I don't like to gamble, but luckily Boyfriend always pays for me to play when I'm with his family. I am not good at cards at all, but hopefully some day I'll get the hang of it. I'll pretty much have to. You can't avoid your Boyfriend's family games forever. You know what they say...if you can't beat them, learn how to play their games and then get really good and take all their money. No? Is that not right?

Oh and then we went to see Black Swan! It was...weird. Definitely leaves you feeling kind of unsettled after. And as Boyfriend noted "no daughter of ours is being a ballerina." Noted and agreed. Unless she really wants to. Ha, then on the car ride home, Boyfriend says: "Boys plays baseball, and football and stuff...but what do girls do? Like, besides ballet, what do they do?" So I said, "Well they do take dance lessons, and cheerleading, and gymnastics... and softball and stuff. I took figure skating for a hot second there's that." He seemed totally bored with all the girl activities. I fear for our daughter.

I'm off to the gym! Doing sooo good with my calories today too! Let's hope for a successful dieting week! :)


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