Thursday, October 21, 2010

black hat, cadillac

So I hadn't planned on an outfit post for today, since what I was wearing yesterday wasn't all that spectacular. Then I came home from work and was rummaging around looking for one of the fur trapper hats I KNOW we have, when I happened upon this menswear gem. My brother has been tooling around in it lately. I thought it kind of vibed with my outfit and echoed the menswear thing I had goin' on with my shoes. Plus I look fairly skinny in these pictures, which is always a plus!

I'm kind of bummed because all my pants are starting to be a bit too big. That's definitely a happy thing, since that's what I am going for, but still. I can't replace all mt favorite jeans! I don't have the money, plus some of them are fairly old and irreplaceable. I'm still hesitant to start buying all new things like crazy, since I do still have quite a ways to go. I guess it's time to start purging and I can worry about re-stocking once I've hit my goal.

[shirt - f21/jeans - ae/oxfords - aldo/necklace - f21/hat - found on a shelf in my house]

Friday tomorrow, thank goodness! Anyone have any fabulous weekend plans? I am definitely laying low and getting some R&R on Saturday, then having a mini-movie marathon with some pals on Sunday! Halloween movies and Halloween themed snacks! :D


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