Monday, October 18, 2010

foundation of style

So I am using this look as my entry into Chictopia and Purple Lab NY's "Foundation of Style" contest. Even though I don't love the way the pictures came out. Oh well. I'm ordering a photography book off Amazon, so maybe my pictures will get better after that? I can just never seem to get the lighting just right. Any advice?

I was also going to start using flickr to host my pictures, as rumor has it that preserves photo quality better, but I for some reason am not smart enough to figure out how to get them into my blog from there. Oh well. Maybe I'll use Picasa instead? Anyone use that and like it?

Anyway, I wore this last Thursday when I got my hair cut. I never like the way my hair dresser dries my hair, which is sad, because I really like my hair dresser and she does such a good job cutting my hair. I'll have to get some pictures of my hair when I've done it and it looks fabulous. Gosh, I sound like my mother. Hair dressers can never get her hair style just so.

I've been listening to the mouse (or mice?!) in our attic for the last hour. It's really annoying since it seems to have taken up residence right above my bed. I'm just waiting for it to fall through the floor. My brother climbed up into the attic to try and find it, but no luck. He finally just came in and banged on the ceiling with a broom, which seems to have silenced it. For now at least. I feel bad for the little critter, but he really can't stay in my attic if he's going to make so much noise.

[sweater - target/tank - pink/jeans - gap (obsessed! and a size smaller than before!)/booties - seychelles (last year)]

Anyway, back to my Foundation of Style. I decided this outfit is basically the foundation for many of my other looks. Skinny jeans are a must; they're pretty much all I wear. Cardigans are practically taking over my closet. You can mix and match this outfit so many different ways and have a million different looks. This is pretty much what I'll be living in all winter, so be prepared.

I'm off to make some hot chocolate and watch Away We Go! Have a good Monday night kids! :)


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