Thursday, October 14, 2010

natural rock bridge

This past Sunday Boyfriend and I headed way out to western Mass to do some fall explorin'. We headed out to North Adams, MA to check out the Natural Rock Bridge State Park. I had arbitrarily chosen it from a Googled list of things do in North Adams. I arbitrarily chose North Adams from one of the many maps Boyfriend had hanging around the apartment. I'd never been further west than Amherst (once, for a college visit) so I wanted to check it out. I figured it would be a nice road trip to see the fall foliage, and I was right!

The drive was so beautiful I hardly noticed it was 3 hours long! We stopped at an awesome place for lunch that Boyfriend had been to before. I swear, you can take him anywhere and he'll know someplace good to eat. I think it was called the Wagon Wheel? Anyway, they had poutine! As well as a Pacman table and the largest collection of paint by numbers I have ever seen. At least they looked just like paint by numbers, but maybe that's just a type of art? "Paint by Numbers Revival"? I don't know, I don't know much about art, clearly. Judge for yourselves:

After lunch there was a quick stop to take some scenic pictures and on to the Natural Bridge! The park is located at the site of an old marble quarry that burned down in 1947 (well, the mill house burned down, the quarry is pretty much fine, only it's no longer a quarry). It is the only natural white marble arch and man-made marble dam in North America. You can still see part of the quarry, and there are little paths around the natural bridge so you can see the rocks from all angles.

The first picture is of the dam, and the second one is a "pothole" or a place where a rock got stuck in the current and spun around and around, carving out a circular pattern on the side there. Pretty fancy, eh? I should probably note that Boyfriend was a geology major and had fun pointing this stuff out to me, as well as explaining how marble is formed (it's squished limestone, basically).

There were also tons of old cool carvings on the rocks. They were practically covered in them. It was fun to see how old they were.

[shirt - h&m/jeans - ae/boots - old navy]

It was a perfect way to spend a fall day. I've really been enjoying fall this year. Not that I don't like fall, I'm just usually so sad to see summer go. I feel like we had a really good summer this year, weather-wise, so I wasn't as upset that it was over and time to move on to cooler temperatures. I don't think I'll feel the same about winter though.

Hehe, I didn't notice the family taking a picture in front of the giant Indian until I was cropping it! I actually took that as we were zooming by on the road!


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