Thursday, October 14, 2010

spooky little girl

Since I'm horribly behind on posting, you get TWO outfit posts today instead of one! Lucky kids.

To be honest, I liked this outfit better in theory. I think if I tried it again I would have chosen a more fitted sweater on top. The skirt itself it a bit too big and I think a sleeker top could have saved this. Oh well, that's how we learn I guess!
This feels like the longest week ever. I didn't get Columbus Day off (blasphemous!) and I really could have used the long weekend last weekend. Oh well. Maybe this weekend will be relaxing. I have big plans for Saturday. They consist of Starbucks and lounging at Barnes & Noble, cruising the mall and walking with Mia. Maybe I'll start working on my outline for NaNoWriMo. Anybody else do that? It's my third November doing it and I'm hoping this year I'll actually finish!

[sweater - gap/skirt - f21/boots - seychelles via overstock]

I just splurged and bought the pro version of Picnik (for five whole dollars!) and I am off to go take creepy pictures of myself and Halloween-ify them. I'll share later!


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