Thursday, October 28, 2010

wild thing

You guys, I think I'm getting sick. My mom has been sick all week and I knew she wasn't keeping her germs to herself. But I have to go to yoga tonight. I am dragging myself no matter what. Maybe I'll sweat out the sickness?

We've been having unseasonably warm temperatures here in New England - it was 75 degrees today! I'm not complaining, but I'm sure the cold and then warm weather is what's making me feel sick.  The foliage also just keeps getting better and better! It's been kind of damp this week and for some reason I think the leaves look prettier when they're all wet. It just makes the colors look brighter.

I mean look at those colors! To die for, right? I am so loving fall. I am sooo in love with this shirt. I snagged it on sale from Madewell, after I'd been on the hunt for a lace shirt forever. I feel a little late to this trend, but whatever. I still love it. It goes with so much. And it's the perfect length.

[shirt - madewell/jeans - gap/shoes - american eagle/necklace - american eagle]

I'm also in love with these shoes. And these jeans. I think this might be one of my favorite outfits ever, haha. I was so comfy but felt so cute! That's the ultimate combination. Check the nails guys! I got these stick on decals from Sephora and I've been saving them for Halloween. Sadly they did not live up to my expectations at all. They were legit stickers and didn't stay on well at all. I thought they'd be more like that rub-on nail polish stuff. I wish they were. I put them on Tuesday night and ripped them off Thursday afternoon. They didn't make it through two days of work and showering. Sad! I like my clashing animal prints.


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