Thursday, December 30, 2010

another year over, a new one just begun

I am joining all the other bloggers out there and doing my 2010 Review. I apologize for it being super text heavy. This year went by so fast! I can still vividly remember New Year's last year, and now it is time to do it all over again. I feel like time just goes by faster every year. I hope 2011 slows down a little! But not too much. I have a lot to look forward to in my future and I do hate waiting. So slow down, but just a teensie bit, okay 2011? Thanks a billion, hugs and kisses, Katrina.

So anyway, without further ado, here's a tiny little nugget of goodies from 2010:

January: Boyfriend & I had New Years' at our apartment. My BFF Jamie came over as well as a couple of my other friends. It was a nice night with a small crowd. We played games and taped the ball dropping so we could have multiple New Years, haha.

February: I can find no evidence that anything happened at all in February. Except for that second picture. February was clearly a concerning month for me. February was also the month sparkle is a color (this here blog!) was born! But other than that, nothing at all happened.

March: March is the month of my birth! It is a momentous month. For my birthday this year I was in glasses as I was preparing for my Lasik surgery. I wasn't happy about it. I also went to my first ever Bruins game in March! I had fun and can't wait to go again this year (hint hint Boyfriend!)

April: April is when I got my hot little hands on my very first Sam Summer of the year! In these here parts, once Sam Summer is available it's the end of winter. Punxsutawny who? Sam Adams controls the seasons here in Boston. I also took my very first outfit picture in April! It's atrocious. Oh and I got my eyes lasered! Best thing I have ever spent money on.

May: May is Myrtle Beach month! Jamie joined Boyfriend and I this year. We went on a helicopter ride while we were there which was AH-MAZING. I want a helicopter that I can take everywhere: "Wanna go out? I'll be right by in my chopper." I also started dieting as soon as I got home from Myrtle.

June: June is when I first started noticing my weight loss. I was maybe 8-10lbs down in the picture of Jamie and I (second row, third from left) and that was the first picture I really felt thinner in. That was an awesome night all around. Jamie and I wanted to go out, but couldn't decide what to do. We went from Gloucester to Lynn that night and everywhere in between, finally ending up at a bar with a bunch of good people, where it just so happened to be 80's night. Success.

July: Ah, summer. We had awesome weather here in New England this summer. I was at the beach almost every weekend. For fourth of July I just watched some fireworks in Beverly with Jamie and her sister, as is our custom.  This is also Jamie's birthday month! I think we had a BBQ at her house, as is custom.  Oh and I finally got my watermelon ale from Beerworks. Yum! (I have a thing for seasonal beers, okay?!)

August: August is when Boyfriend's birthday is, so we had a nice day out in Boston to celebrate. I took the day off work and we went to the Sam Adams brewery and had lunch at a swanky restaurant, since it also just happened to be restaurant week. Jamie, Boyfriend, and I (the three of us are kind of a team. We don't do much alone. It's super adorable.) went to my family's cottage in Gloucester for a night. They got a big kick out of all the random knick-knacks. We BBQ'd, laughed hysterically over board games, and enjoyed an afternoon at the beach. I can't wait to do it again this year.

September: I always love September, because although January is the real start of the new year, September always feels like a new beginning to me. Probably due to going to school for sixteen years. No, wait...EIGHTEEN YEARS. Good golly. Anyway, I got to break out my beloved Minnetonka's again! Boyfriend and I also climbed a mountain. Sigh. Fine. He'll only get mad if I don't point out that HE climbed to the top, and I stopped ALMOST at the top because I decided the top was over-rated. I maintain this opinion. Every so often, when we are sitting silently enjoying each other's company, he likes to say "Hey, remember that time you almost climbed a mountain?" Then I kick him.

October: October was a lovely time of the year for foliage. We had some great foliage this year. I went to Concord, MA with my family and out to the western part of the state for some fall adventures. I was a cat for Halloween. Boyfriend and I moved out of our apartment and back with our parents to save money. Bummer, but for the best.

November: DISNEY and HARRY POTTER. Need I say more? Also: Thanksgiving. I had three Thanksgiving dinners this year. Two involved fried turkey. One involved delicious ham. All three involved amazing people.

December: I went to Foxwoods and chipped my tooth. I cut bangs in my hair! We had our first New England blizzard with two feet of snow. Christmas was so super-duper amazing. Now it's time to get ready for 2011! Come on, hit me with your best shot New Years!!


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