Monday, April 2, 2012

guess who's back!

Surprise! It's me. I'm in a deep post-vacation depression (seriously, why do they go by so fast!?). I'm trying to get back into the normal groove of things around here, but really I'd rather be running all over Disney again. Here are some highlights from the trip!




First up was Animal Kingdom where I posed in a dino car, we discovered they sold beer in the parks (and had no problems with you drinking it in line. Awesome.), and rode Expedition Everest. We also went on a little "safari" where a bunch of rhinos got really close to our truck!

We were absolutely wiped by the end of the day (we went non-stop from 3am heading to the airport to 9pm falling into bed!).





Tuesday we hit up Magic Kingdom where we were DEVASTATED that Thunder Mountain Railroad was closed for renovations. They should really tell you what's going to be closed when you're booking these things. It was definitely construction season, lots of "Disney Dream Builder" signs on things.

I made Boyfriend go through the Swiss Family Robinson house because it was my favorite movie when I was a kid. Even though it's the lamest thing at Disney pretty much, haha.





Wednesday was the most important day. It was Tower of Terror Day. It's my favorite ride in the universe. We rode four times (we got to the park before it opened and were very strategic with our Fast Passes). It was amazing. We also did the Aerosmith coaster twice and I had an ice cream sundae with caramel corn on it. Caramel corn on it. And Mickey shaped sprinkles but everything is shaped like Mickey there.




Thursday was Epcot day, where we attempted to drink around the world and I wore silly hats. (Boyfriend: "You take that off, take that off right now you look ridiculous!" Me: "Take my picture!")

They had awesome topiaries for the Epcot flower & garden festival all over the place. This one was my favorite. Look at Lady's ears!

I just love Disney. It's so magical. Now all I want is to go on another vacation (preferably one with more roller coasters!).

What have you guys been up to?? Who's going to the Boston Blogger meet up this week?!



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