Thursday, April 19, 2012

while I haven't been here

What I've been doing while I haven't been here...

Buying a new car! The lease was up on my current vehicle and it was basically falling apart, so it was time for a change. I am the proud new owner (well, for the next three years, it's a lease) of this 2012 Honda CR-V. This made the last week horribly stressful as my old car failed an inspection, I had to find a new one, and come up with the money to get it. I'm sure I must be developing an ulcer now.

CRV, Honda

Still apartment hunting. Though now there are officially no more apartments for us to look at in the area we want, so that endeavor is going on hiatus for the time being.

Reading The Phantom Tollbooth. Yes, it's a children's book, but it's a classic and my dad bought it for me and told me to read it so I am. He also was the one who bought me the first Harry Potter book and told me to read it (I didn't even want to, can you BELIEVE it?!). So I trust his judgement on these things (or really the judgement of whatever newspaper he read about said book in).

Swapping! Casey of Girl in the Poodle Shoes and I went to our first Swap yesterday. I was HORRIFICALLY late (damn you, Boston traffic, and damn me for being really crap at predicting when/where there will be traffic), but I had a blast! The swap was kind of meh (we decided they need more guidelines for what people are allowed to bring) but Casey is so fun to hang out with and I did score a pair of Current Elliot jeans so it wasn't a complete wash.

Learning HTML & CSS! I found this really amazing online tutorial program and I am loving it. They have another program for Javascript as well and I plan on tackling that one next.

I can't even believe I am admitting this, but I always get the below song stuck in my head whenever anyone mentions pattern mixing or even says the words "polka dots" or "stripes". They used to show this video on Disney when I was a kid and I've just never forgotten it. PARACHUTE EXPRESS, PEOPLE.

Oh. I also did this:

I'm hoping to get myself back on schedule next week since I have a backlog of outfits to share! This weekend will be spent relaxing and getting myself together so next week I should be fresh as a daisy and ready to blog.


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