Tuesday, December 7, 2010

bundle up for breakfast

Brrr! The weather in New England is becoming very cold. I feel like I have said that in every post I've done lately, haha. But it's cold! On Sunday morning, Boyfriend and I woke up and decided we hadn't eaten enough last weekend (what with Third Thanksgiving and all) and went out for breakfast.

Going out to breakfast is such a treat, because we so rarely go. At least I rarely do. It was delicious. So, so good. I literally sat there going "Yummm!" the whole time I ate, haha. I pretty much just rolled out of bed and bundled up before climbing into the car to go in search of vittles.

[hat - Forever 21/hoodie - Old Navy/glittens - American Eagle/jeans - American Eagle/sneakers - Chuck Taylors]

Luckily, after all that indulging, Mom and I began our new gym membership this week. We just joined a really fancy schmancy gym nearby. It was expensive to sign up, but the monthly fee is about what we were paying for our yoga classes, and they have yoga classes at this gym! They also have a pool (on the fourth floor so it overlooks...the highway. But still! It's cool!), a rock climbing wall, a track, tennis courts, spin classes - you name it, they have it. I'm excited to start jogging on the track. I think I'd prefer that to the treadmill. At least I can mix it up anyway. I'd like to be able to run a 5k by spring. And I've never run in my life. We'll see! Wish me luck!


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