Thursday, December 2, 2010

a vested development

You guys, I've been having the hardest time taking pictures lately. It's usually dark and/or cloudy when I get home, and my camera is broken. Something is wrong with the flash, so the shutter closes really slowly, and the auto-focus won't operate correctly. I have to take it to get fixed, but I just haven't had the time. I guess I can just switch to my point and shoot for awhile, but the pictures just don't come out the same. Wait. What am I saying? Nothing can be worse than the crap I am about to post. Point and shoot from now on!

So I took these in my basement. I was hoping it would make a decent indoor photo area, but it's not looking like it is. Sorry to be all whiny, but I'm just so disspointed that all the pictures I had planned on posting came out so badly. I was torn between not posting at all, or just sucking it up. I chose the sucking it up route.

How do you all feel about this subject? Do you just not post when pictures don't come out as well as you hoped? Is it more important to you to have quality content or to make sure you post consistently? I get so torn. I hate not using pictures I've taken the time to shoot, but I also hate posting ones that don't come out well. I think I'd rather post quality ones. I guess it's just something I have to spend more time on - making sure I get a decent shot.

[vest - Jonathan Saunders for Target/shirt - UO/corduroys - American Eagle/boots - Rocket Dog]

Sorry to be all rambly with this! I just want to start spending more time and effort on this blog, so I'm working a lot of stuff out in my head. Let's just move along, shall we? How cute is the lining on this vest? I love it. I got this on sale at Target ages ago. I always forget I have it, but I do really like it. This outfit was actually nothing that I planned on wearing that day, but I kind of like how it came together. These are jegging corduroys, and they don't have front pockets which I didn't realize until I got home, and I hate it. Plus the lack of pockets somehow makes the front of the pants sit funny, so the crotchal region gets funky sometimes. Not cute. Maybe they're just a little too snug? *shrug* I'm keeping them regardless. A longer shirt fixes the issue nicely.

Tomorrow is Friday! This week flew by, didn't it? My goal for this weekend: get some AWESOME outfit pictures. :) Have a good one everyone!

P.S. I changed the background on the blog. I kind of like it. I like it better than the old one anyway. I want to change my header too, and I want to find a fancy text and try to just have plain text and no picture. Anyone know how to do that and make it look cool? Any good tutorials out there?


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