Wednesday, December 15, 2010

oh well, whatever, never mind

You know the holidays are getting closer when your days get busier and busier. I'm pretty sure I'm all finished on the gift front, but I always get nervous that I forgot something. Plus my boss decided yesterday, after I'd already left work for the day, that tomorrow we'd be having a pot luck lunch and a Yankee swap. Nothing like the last minute. I had to skip the gym tonight in favor of an at home work out just so I'd have time to make cookies and buy a gift.

I had to take pictures in my garage the other day since by the time I was done with all my errands and whatnot after work it was dark.  But I really liked this outfit so I wanted to capture it. I think I'm going to have to stop wearing cute outfits that I want to take pictures of during the week, haha. I just don't have time to take the pictures before it gets dark!

Today at work I was perusing all the Pioneer Woman recipes and drooling everywhere. It all looks so good! I wish I'd put the Pioneer Woman cookbook on my Christmas list. Oh well, maybe I'll treat myself to it this weekend. I like to cook more in the winter. I feel like I'm holed up inside anyway, might as well be eating something delicious, right? Tonight I'm making pizzelles for the pot luck tomorrow. I have all the ingredients on hand and they're super quick and easy. Maybe I'll do a cooking post on them. 

[corduroy blazer - H&M/scarf - H&M/t-shirt - American Eagle/jeans - Gap/booties - Payless]

I'm super duper excited for this weekend! I spent a good amount of time last night putting on prospective Foxwoods outfits and parading around my house for Boyfriend and my mom. After a lot of trial and error we managed to decide on an outfit. It's hot. I love it. I'm sure there will be pictures to share next week.

Also, I keep forgetting to mention it, but I was featured on the super adorable Amanda's blog! She was nice enough to extend the invitation out to anyone who wanted to be featured and I'm in her fifth installment of Hello Blogosphere! Thanks again Amanda! Be sure to head over there and read my goofy little interview as well as check out some other rock solid bloggers.


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