Monday, December 6, 2010

thanksgiving number three

Saturday night Boyfriend and I headed over to Thanksgiving dinner number three with some friends. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of Thanksgiving food. Turkey isn't my favorite and I don't care for cranberry sauce. Say what you will. I'd rather have lasagna or something. But they were frying a turkey and it turns out I'm really into turkey if it's fried. Big surprise! It's fried and Katrina likes it?! Shocker of the year.

I'm so into the shorts with tights thing. Mother disapproves (she's pretty hip, as far as mom's go, but not that hip) and surprisingly Boyfriend likes it (he's a pretty simple kind of guy, layering perplexes him). I just love that I can wear my favorite shorts year round! My necklace always does that in pictures, never fails. Notice that Boyfriend didn't notice and tell me to fix it, and instead took a bunch of pictures with my necklace lassoing my boob. Awesome.

Thanksgiving Three was a lot of fun. We watched a number of really, really bad movies on Netflix (including "Thankskilling" and "Zombie Strippers") and played a hilarious board game. We were home by 10:30. My mom was still awake. That's the problem (or really smart plan, depending) with having a party and serving turkey. All that tryptophan makes people knock out early.

[shorts - H&M/cardigan - Nordstrom/t-shirt - American Eagle/boots - Seychelles/necklace - American Eagle]

I have a question to pose to you guys: do you ever feel overdressed when you go out? This is what I wore to the Thanksgiving party we went to. I didn't feel particularly overdressed; I felt cute and casual. Everyone else at the party was just wearing jeans and Uggs or sneakers and sweatshirts. The hostess was in her pajamas. That happens to me occasionally, depending on who I hang out with, and while I don't mind, I also don't want people to judge me on how I look. I feel like people will think I'm a snob just because I am a bit more "dressed" than jeans and sneakers. I hope that once people get to know me (or once I open my mouth, surely) they will know I'm not a snob, but it makes me uncomfortable sometimes. I hope this isn't coming across the wrong way - I don't care how anyone else dresses, wear sweatpants to a party for all I care, I'm not judging - but I feel self conscious if I feel overdressed for something. I'd feel the same way if I was under dressed for something. I just dress for myself. I really like my clothes and I like wearing them. I long for the days of yore when people used to get dressed. I'm sure it's just a silly insecurity, but I'm curious if anyone else feels this way sometimes.

Of course, I just watched Gossip Girl and Serena is lollygagging around rehab in a ballgown practically. Compared to the outfits on that show, I am hideously under dressed. Ah, c'est la vie.


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