Monday, December 13, 2010

a carpenters kind of monday

Okay, I'm debuting my new look! It's bangs, in case you couldn't tell. I got my hair cut on Thursday and I went in wanting longer, side swept bangs, but I wanted them to be heavy looking, Keiko Lynn style. Somehow, I ended up with blunt bangs like this. But I like them! I was worried, because I had a traumatic bang experience a couple years ago, but these are so much better. It was so strange looking at myself at first. It's funny how something as small seeming as bangs can change how you look so much. Now that I'm used to it I really like them. I'll probably leave them as is for a few months then start to grow them out as spring gets closer. I can't handle bangs in the summer - I'd be in a constant battle with the humidity.

I had the best weekend. I didn't even do anything super fabulous, but to be honest, super-fabulous things don't usually make a good weekend for me. Saturday I wrapped all the gifts I have bought so far and cleaned my room somewhat. Then Boyfriend and I went to the Cape Ann Brewery to get another Christmas gift and have some beer and play shuffleboard. I decided when we're old we'll be that old couple that goes on a million cruises and just sits outside playing shuffleboard with our brown leathery skin, haha.

Saturday night we grabbed some dinner and headed home to snuggle on the couch with hot chocolate spiked with Godiva liquor and watch A Muppet Christmas Carol! That's my idea of the perfect night right there. What can I say? I'm pretty low maintenance. Plus, A Muppet Christmas Carol is my favorite Christmas movie, ever.

Sunday morning Boyfriend and I woke up really, really early. Like 6:30am early. We had no idea why (well I was having a scary dream about fighting with a cashier over money at Best Buy and then followed by a creepy guy when I got lost wandering away from Best Buy...don't ask.) So we figured since we were up we should go out to breakfast! Two weekends in a row! We're on a breakfast roll (we're on a croissant?). We headed to Red's in Salem. It was delicious. Best pancake I have ever had. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Yummm. That's where we got these pictures - in an alley across from Red's. This is the old Salem Town Hall. It was so quiet with no one around. Granted, it was about 8am, but it was nice.
[trench - H&M/leggings - aerie/boots - Rocket Dog/bag - B. Makowsky]

And then, after all that breakfast goodness, I went to Boyfriend's parent's new place and helped him get his room set up. He has an awesome room on the top floor of their condo and he has four huge built in cabinets for his closets. I honestly enjoyed organizing all his clothes in there, haha. I spent the rest of the day vegetating. A perfect rainy Sunday.

Next weekend I'm off to Foxwoods for a girl's weekend! I'm so excited. I have a few sassy outfits styled up that I have to choose from. Then after that there's a nice short work week and then Christmas! I can't wait!


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