Saturday, December 4, 2010

winter grays

The temperatures are definitely dropping here on the East Coast. No snow yet, though there have been rumors of flurries soon. For some strange and bizarre reason, I am ready for snow this year. I don't know why, since I hate snow. I'm sure I'll go right back to hating it once January hits, but who doesn't like a white Christmas?

My darling brother took these for me with his working, fancy camera. He's a much better photographer than I am, as he actually knows how to use his camera. He bought a huge book about it, read it, and retained what it said. Insane. He made our backyard look way better than it actually does, haha.

[plaid tunic - American Eagle/jeggings - Gap/shoes - Aldo]

I'm going to be honest, this shirt went in the Goodwill pile as soon as I took it off last night. It's a size or two too big for me I think, and the material it's made of just stretches out as the day goes on and it ends up misshapen and awkward. My brother just kept saying "That shirt makes you look fat" while he took these. At least he's honest. At least he didn't say "Your fat makes you look fat." Younger brothers can be so charming.

I'm going to have to start taking more pictures on the weekends, since it's so dark and gray when I get home from work now. I get home at four in the afternoon and the sun is already most of the way down! This also means I have to actually start getting dressed on the weekends. Not gonna lie, usually if I don't have plans I'm just wearing jeans and a sweatshirt or something. Snooze fest over here. But today I have plans so I'll have to snap some pictures!

This is how I looked by the time we were done: Frozen. Not wearing a coat outside in December is a recipe for frostbite! Have a good weekend everyone! :)


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