Wednesday, December 22, 2010

haul out the holly

Christmas is so close you guys! I can't wait. I don't have to work the rest of the week and we got out an hour early today. We also FINALLY got some snow around here, which you got a little glimpse of in one of my last posts. There are some light flurries right now and there may or may not be a huge storm later this weekend. I hope it is ginormous and I get work off.

Do my bangs make my cheeks look extra large? I feel like they might. Sometimes they don't, but then in pictures I think they totally do. Oh well, nothing I can do now. My face is probably just puffy because I've been eating so horribly lately. I can't wait for the holidays to be over so I can get back on track. I've pretty much given up the past couple weeks since I've been so busy. Once things slow down I'll re-commit, but no sense torturing myself this time of year. I want to enjoy the holidays!

[sweater - H&M/dress - Forever 21/booties - Forever 21/necklace - Forever 21]

I really like this sweater, but I'm not completely sold on how it fits me. Heavy knit + large chest + top heavy girl. It's just so darn comfy and cozy! I bought it since I've been looking for a cozy cropped sweater to wear over dresses. This shorter length is perfect for this, since it hits right at my waist and doesn't cut me off in a weird place. In the store they had it on a mannequin layered over a button up. I think I'll try it like that next.

I'm so obsessed with these booties. I have been hemming and hawing over whether or not I wanted a pair of desert boots, and I tried on a pair at DSW awhile ago but just couldn't decide if I'd wear them enough to justify the price. When I spied these at F21 I knew they had to be mine. I figured they were cheap enough ($25!) that if I didn't get that much use out of them I wouldn't be too upset. Turns out I've worn them pretty much every day since I got them. They look super adorbs with cuffed skinnies and cute socks peaking out. They're also really comfortable for a $25 shoe from F21. Yay booties!

Three more sleeps til Christmas!


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