Wednesday, December 29, 2010

christmas eve

Soo I'm a little behind getting these up here. Oh well. I don't actually have any pictures from the holiday celebrations because my family seriously freaks out if anyone brings out a camera anywhere near them. It's my brother's fault; he takes great pleasure in capturing people at their worst.

My mom was my photographer on this day. She snapped a few pictures as we were (literally) running out the door to head to Grammy and Grampy's. She did okay! I am in the shots and I am in focus. That's saying a lot about her. Photography is not her strong suit. Thanks Mom!

[dress - French Connection/belt - TJMaxx/tights - Filene's Basement/boots - Seychelles/snowflake necklace - unknown gift]

I seriously look the same in all of these pictures. I just change which hand I put on my hip, haha. Clearly I was feeling uninspired. And nervous about what Mom was doing with my camera. My Rebel is still out of commission. My Dad is going to take it into a shop to be fixed sometime soon, thank goodness. Though the best situation ever is when my brother is home and agrees to take my pictures. He won't travel farther than the backyard to snap them, but he does a good job.  As soon as the Rebel is back I'll have to get Boyfriend on the job more often.

Work today started off good, then progressively got worse. I feel like I'm just in a funk because of the holidays. This week and last week were both short weeks and it's just been hard for me to get into working. I feel like these aren't "real weeks." Anyone else having that problem? Next week is the new year, so hopefully that will make something click and I'll be more focused.

I've been feeling kind of bummed out about my weight lately. Obviously the holidays were rough with all the eating and yummy things around, but I'm also finding it hard to get back on track. Though today hasn't been too bad. I did just eat a chocolate covered pretzel though. Like, a big one. Oops. But I'm going to yoga later! Maybe that will burn off the pretzel.

I just feel like last spring, when I decided to really focus on losing weight, I was really motivated and doing so well. Then I just kind of lost that motivation. And while I haven't gained any weight back, I'm at a stand still and can't find the oomph I need to get myself going again. I keep telling myself it's because it is winter, and once spring rolls around I'll want to eat more fruits and veggies and it will be easier. But dammit, I want to be at my goal by spring! Maybe my motivation for dieting will kick into gear next week too, haha.

Okay, that's enough whining from me. I'm just going to sit here, listen to some Bon Iver, and edit pictures for tomorrow's post. And play Frontierville. Yes, I have a Facebook Frontier. Don't judge! ;P


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