Tuesday, February 1, 2011

30 for 30: day 1

I am not going to complain. Even though when I sat down to think of something to write to go along with this post, all I could come up with was complaints. It depressed me. So I'm just not going to go there. I am just going to ignore any complaints I have right now and only focus on good things. So I am going to write about all the good and lovely things going on in my life right now, as difficult as that may be when all I want to do is complain.

I lost almost two pounds since my last weigh-in about a week ago. I started giving Weight Watchers a go yesterday. That little weight loss has totally jump started my motivation again and I am ready to whip myself into bikini shape. Beach season is closer than you think! And guess what? Swiss Miss Diet Hot Cocoa? Zero points. Perfect for this cold snowy night, which I am spending snuggled up with my love.

I am making steak and potatoes and broccoli for dinner tonight and it is going to be delicious. It will be so good, Boyfriend might finally propose. A girl can wish, can't she?

It's February! Valentine's Day is coming up, and although it is a holiday I have always hated, Boyfriend and I are heading to Maine (a state I have also always disliked, hm) for a romantic getaway. I am hoping it's not too crazy snowy and we can actually get out and enjoy our time there. Or stay inside next to the fireplace in our room (!!), whichever is cool with me. :)

The days are also getting longer, and spring is getting closer! My birthday is getting closer too! It's March 13th, in case you were thinking of buying gifts... ;) I don't have anything planned for it this year. I will probably just grab dinner with some friends, maybe have a fancy dinner with boyfriend, and that's it. I guess it is kind of a big one though...twenty five! Yikes. Remember when you were younger and being in your twenties seemed so far away? Crazy. I kind of imagined my life being a bit more fabulous. But then, don't we all? I figured I'd have some fancy-pants jobs and be married and have kids by now! Haha, I guess 25 seems a lot older when you're young...but now here I am and I still feel like a kid!

[From 30: cardigan, green thermal, skinny jeans, desert boots/necklace - American Eagle]

This is what it looks like outside right now. Hence why we have porch pictures today. Yes, that is the roof of my house. Yes, the snow really is that high. You can barely see it, but that it a tree in our front yard that the entire trunk is under snow. And we didn't put any of that snow there - that's really how much snow we've gotten! And another foot is coming tomorrow to put on top. Good lord.


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