Tuesday, February 8, 2011

30 for 30: day 6

Oh dear. I've gotten a day behind on my posting and now I fear I'll be all messed up. I suppose I can do two posts today. You lucky kids you. We'll see if I have time. Let's get on with this post then, shall we?

These pictures were taken yesterday. Right after I came home from work early due to the fact I was near death. I've been horribly sick these past two days, so if I look a little out of it in these pictures, it's because I was. I came home early, said "I'm sick, take my pictures so I can go to bed" to my brother and he did. It was that simple. Then he told me he was sick too, but then I went to sleep for five hours and he went out with his friends. So I think he was lying.

I really liked this outfit. I was so upset I was sick while wearing it. I love this shirt. I love shorts and tights. These shorts are actually two sizes too big and I am on the hunt for ones that fit me. I got these at H&M so I am hoping to find some similar ones there, but I haven't looked very hard yet. These are the perfect length and all the ones I have seen lately are kind of short. And I love my little bow. I was thinking the other day how I wished I had a little bow for my hair...then I opened my hair accessory drawer and there it was. I had one all along.

Funny story about these sunglasses: I left them at my grandparent's house for a couple weeks by accident. When I went back to get them, my grandmother said she hadn't seen them. I was all upset since they were my first designer purchase and I really like them. Then my grandfather piped up and said he might know where they were. I followed him out to the garage, where he opened the car and pulled my D&G's out of his sunglasses holder. "Have you been wearing these?!" I asked him.

"If they were in the car? Probably." He said, sheepishly. It still makes me laugh to think of my grandfather cruising around town in my big designer shades.

[30 items: polka dot blouse, shorts, heeled boots/tights - French Connection/belt - American Eagle via TJMaxx/shades - Dolce & Gabbana/bow - H&M]

Boyfriend and my mom have (separately) become obsessed with the show Idiot Abroad. It was originally on the BBC or something I think, but now it's on the Science Network? Or Discovery Channel? One of those. Anyway, it's pretty hilarious. My mom has been watching it since she got home and just chuckling away and talking in a British accent. Good stuff people, good stuff.


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