Friday, February 11, 2011

30 for 30: day 10

The world lives for the weekend
I'll watch as my weeks bleed right into them


It's FRIDAY! Finally. I feel like this week was crazy long. I was sick and cranky, and now I'm feeling much better and super-duper looking forward to my weekend away with Boyfriend. I plan on taking lots and lots of pictures so expect a few updates when I get back.

Like I promised, I took my pictures standing on top of the snow today! There's probably about two feet still on the ground, with a pretty solid ice crust on top. My brother and I went out there and even he could stand on top of the snow.


[30 items: hoodie, green thermal, skinny jeans, flat boots/scarf - H&M]

Then we brought Mia outside to see if she would enjoy the snow if she could walk on top of it. She did! [Gratuitous cute puppy shot].


Fridays are always my favorite. I mean, they're pretty much everyone's favorite. Tuesdays are awful. Nothing good ever happens on a Tuesday. Watch, pay attention next week and I'll bet you a dollar Tuesday is the worst day. I like Fridays because it's family dinner night. We all go to my grandparents and they feed us. And dessert is involved. It's fantastic.

Picnik collage

Have a great weekend everyone!!


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