Friday, February 4, 2011

30 for 30: day 4

Whoa, it's Friday and I'm posting! This feels weird. Yes, at 9:15 on a Friday night I am blogging. In my pajamas. I am a nana. But that is fine with me. Boyfriend is here all snuggled up and as soon as I am done I get to join him and pick what I want to watch on the computer. Because he will be asleep. Muahaha.

So today I was looking at old pictures of me when I was at my largest. I am at the 15 pounds lost checkpoint right now, so I thought it would be interesting to look back. I use my Wii fit as my official scale and it was easy to scroll back through the data and find my heaviest point. Then I went to Facebook and looked at pictures of me during that time. Heh, technology. Not only was I large looking, but it was during the time I was wearing glasses in preparation for my eye surgery. Not quite as bad as My Awkward Years, but bad. I just feel so much more comfortable in my skin and so much more like myself since I've started working out and eating better. I wish I hadn't been such a baby and had focused on being healthy a lot sooner.

 [30 items: plaid shirt, navy thermal, Gap skinnies, JC boots/belt - Old Navy]

Boyfriend is asleep and I'm sitting next to his phone and he's getting really weird texts. Including one that said "Aww grab his ass for me" from one of his guy friends. Oh god, now they're getting weirder. His friends can be so strange.  ANYWAY, this is the sidewalk in front of my house. Our little snow alley. The schools around here have been closed all week due to unsafe amounts of snow on the roofs. These kids are going to be going to school in July at this rate. There will probably still be snow on the ground in July too. We're getting another couple inches tomorrow supposedly, no big deal, and then they are keeping an eye on another storm for Thursday. I mean really now. Punxsutawney Phil said spring was coming early!

I feel like all I write about on here is my diet and snow. They are consuming my life. I am sorry. I think of other things to write about during the day, but when I sit down my brain goes dumb.

Oh, hey. I have a question for you guys: Do you upload the photos to your blog directly through Blogger, or do you use a site like Flickr first? I was thinking using Flickr but I don't know how good I'd be about that extra step of uploading them there. Does doing it that way retain more of the photo quality? Sometimes I feel like the picture quality gets lost when I upload through Blogger. Just looking for some opinions/advice on the matter!

Okay, now time for some Skins Volume 4!


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