Thursday, February 17, 2011

30 for 30: day 13

Do you people hear that? That's the sound of melting snow, my friends. Finally! It's been a beautiful spring-like day today and tomorrow is supposed to be equally nice. I'm so excited to be rid of this snow. I think it will be awhile yet before it completely goes away though. There's still a lot of snow out there.



Maybe now the bucket on a stick people will get their mailboxes back. Have I told you about the bucket on a stick people? On my way to work a bunch of houses all had their roadside mailboxes buried by the snowplows. Instead of digging them out every time a plow went by, some people just gave up, stuck a stick into the snowbank and hung a bucket off the end. Some people got real fancy and wrote MAIL on the side in Sharpie. It's pretty funny seeing all these buckets dangling along the road.


[30 items: plaid shirt, flare jeans, brown JC boots/belt - Target/necklace - gift]

I'm headed back to the gym tonight for day two of Couch to 5k. My legs are feeling pretty good, I think yoga last night really helped stretch them out. Definitely stretching after my workout tonight, regardless of how easy it feels. If I lose 4 more pounds by April 1st (halfway to my goal weight) I am rewarding myself with a massage. I think that is manageable. April 1st is pretty far away. I'd make it a goal to lose more than 4 pounds, but I know myself. Baby steps.


I would like you all to join me in warm "Heyyyy brother" in a Buster Bluth voice! See that shadow in that picture? That's my brother/official photographer. Most people have a boyfriend or husband who takes their pictures. My "guy behind the camera" is my brother about 95% of the time. He's good at taking pictures. He knows I need detail shots, he makes fun of my poses and tells me when something looks stupid. So thanks, brother!


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