Friday, February 25, 2011

30 for 30: day 18

I thought it might be interesting to write out what a normal day in my life looks like right now. Maybe some day I will look back on this blog and be all nostalgic about the little things in my life. Or maybe I'll look back and say "Oh yawn. February 2011 was such a snooze." Either way, I'm documenting it.


This morning I woke up late. I did my weigh in - down .4 lbs. Disappointed that it wasn't more, happy it was still a loss rather than a gain. Got ready, decided to curl my hair despite the fact that I was already running late. Then I realized I wanted to take a package to the post office today while I was at work but I needed packing tape. Turned house upside down looking for packing tape. Was unsuccessful. Grabbed package anyway, along with some snacks for work. No time to make lunch. Frost on my windshield, scraped a tiny hole big enough for me to see out of and drove off into the blazing sunrise. Yes, I do go to work that early. 


Got to work. Felt overwhelmed with all the stuff I had to do at work yet didn't want to. Met with my boss where she told me they were trying to cut down on the number of side projects I did so I could focus on the more important aspects of my job. Score! Then she actually asked what they could do to help me streamline the things I do and when I made suggestions she seemed game to make the changes Score two! Felt better about my work load for the rest of the day.

[30 items: denim shirt, black shorts, black boots/belt - Target/fleece lined tights - Target/bracelet - Tiffany/sunglasses - Ray Ban/fur collar - H&M/coat - H&M]
Ran my errands on my lunch break - bank, post office. The lady at the post office basically yelled at me for paying with a $20. Like it's my fault that's what the ATM gives out. Trust me, I don't like it either, but I'm not a bitch about it. I decided to treat myself to a grilled sandwich from the Coastal Greengrocer for lunch - arugula, turkey, goat cheese, pesto and provolone - heaven. I'm kind of obsessed with the Greengrocer all of a sudden. The rest of the afternoon went by drama and aggravation free! Now I am home, getting this post all queued up for tomorrow. So what you're reading is actually my yesterday. That's mind boggling.


The coat and fur collar make me think of Maude from Harold and Maude for some reason. Love that movie so much. It used to be watch instant on Netflix and now it's not anymore. What gives, Netflix? 

My actual outfit feels a little "urban cowgirl" to me, as ridiculous as that sounds. It's the denim shirt and boots that do it.


Tomorrow (today!) is Friday, hallelujah. My goals for the weekend are home mani/pedi, organize my room, and color my hair. It's going to be stupendous. How about you? What's your ideal weekend at home plan?


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